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Pre-Calculus homework help.?

Pre-Calculus Homework Help

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Calculus & Linear Algebra

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This is a picture of a right triangle. The height is what you are trying to find and the angle 31 degrees is the angle opposite to the height. But you do not have the length of the hypotenuse nor the length of the leg to do pythagorean. This just means you have to do trig functions. The angle 36 degrees is made when you move further into the triangle. So a wise thing to do is label your picture and your angles.

Remember a triangle has degrees and that you are dealing with a right triangle. Remember a straight line also equals degrees. These will help you get an unknown angles. When i calculated i got Related Questions Inverse Sine help!!! I need help with my pre-calculus homework!? Pre Calculus homework short cut question?

Answer Questions American History? I need a demonstration speech on how to make fruit basket, with attention getter? Suppose that for a particular patient, a physician prescribes a meal to have calories, 65 g of protein, and Rewrite the parametric equations by eliminating the parameter. Will the rainwater tank fill up?

Driving across a flat area. The angle of elevation to the peak is 4 degrees. Solve System Of Equations. How far did Mark row if the entire trip took 4 hours? Find the equation in standard form of the circle with points 2,3 , 3,4 , -1,2. The length of a rectangle is 3 meters less than twice the width. If the area of the rectangle is square meters, find the dimensions. The number of chirps per minute, C, that the tree cricket makes is linearly dependent on the temperature, T, in Fahrenheit.

Find the height of the pole.

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Free math lessons and math homework help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone can find solutions to their math problems instantly. Get help with your Pre-Calculus homework Assignment, including topics like Trigonometry, systems of equations, among others.