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How to Avoid Frauds at Academic Writing Companies

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Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Wedding invitations serve more than one purpose. While their first goal is to inform friends and Wall art can play an instrumental role in enhancing the interior appearance of your abode. Quilting is a process putting tiny pieces of fabric together to make a multi-layered textile.

You need to make an effort and take the following steps to make sure you will not come across some sort of fraud: Look for Policies and Guarantees: Be on Guard for too Low Prices: Evaluate the Content Quality on the Website If the agency is trustworthy and authoritative, it will do its best to develop a website that will present it from the most beneficial perspective.

Talk with the Customer Support: S — This guest post contains sponsored link. Thanks for your support. Bright Designs was the brain child of well-known philanthropist DeeDee Wealthy back in the hi-tech boom of the nineties. DeeDee, while still the sole shareholder of the company, has not been involved in the day to day running of the company since and has, instead, enjoyed her immense wealth and hired John Smith, a lifelong friend, to run the company for her.

John Smith has no formal business training and got the job because of his friendship with DeeDee, having been an avid member of their church for the past 30 years. John has volunteered on many community and church activities especially ones where DeeDee was involved.

Through this friendship, John was offered the job as CEO, in essence because DeeDee appreciated all his hard work on the volunteer activities. John informs you he has a problem and needs you to come out for a meeting. He suspects one of the staff has stolen some proprietary information that could severely impact Bright Designs future if this technology is made available to its competitors.

John asks you to come at night so no employees will be in the building. When you arrive at Bright Designs, you are met by John Smith in the parking lot and he escorts you to the front door. You observe that there is only one car in the lot? Through discussion with John Smith, he explains it was a birthday gift for his wife last week.

When you enter the building, you notice there is security system in place. In order to enter the secure area of the building, you must swipe your pass on a card reader before the security doors will open. For you to enter, John had to get a visitor pass from security. You are informed that, on the way out, you must also swipe your card.

A review of the payroll records indicates the administrative assistant has been with the company for 10 years, rarely is sick, takes 2 weeks vacation every summer and has worked from 8 to 4 since she started with the company.

John asks you to investigate his administrative assistant to get sufficient evidence to fire her. He is not interested in having her charged, he just wants to get rid of the problem and avoid any possible claims of unfair dismissal.

Her husband is employed and they have a good credit rating.


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If you have evidence of a company committing customs fraud, you can report it to the Department of Justice through the False Claims Act and potentially receive a reward as a whistleblower. Call for a free initial consultation with a whistleblower attorney at McEldrew Young. About. is a custom writing company that has a goal to deliver unique papers of a high quality. Their team of writers is ready to complete any task from scratch as well as provide tricks and tips on writing high-quality papers.