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❶Brief statement for a physical therapy coursework about physiological considerations of cryotherapy and applications of cryostimulation methods to therapeutic treatment and the active rehabilitation of patients.

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AS level psychology coursework help? Structure of a-level psychology coursework? A Level Psychology coursework? Answer Questions I am 23 and I feel like time is slipping away? How would you describe a person like this?

Extremely unsatisfied with my Appearance? My Dad died and he was a hoarder. Now I have to clean out his home. How to remain positive and be successful in a timely manner? How to stand up for myself when being cyberbullied? My friend likes every post I make, and it makes me feel self-conscious? Do human beings truly have a free will? Does anyone know alternatives to self harm because my life is pretty bad right now?

As of September Psychology is entirely examination based. For AS on AQA you will do two 90 minute exams, one for each unit and for A2 you will do one 90 minute exam and one 2 hour exam. With this exam board the A2 exams are purely essay based. Studying psychology provides you with a vast number of options. Just some of the potential career options open to you include: What I like about studying this subject: Most of it is really really interesting and it really brings it home when you study things such as feral children and how different things can be between people.

I also have two really good teachers who make the lessons really enjoyable as well as being effective. What I dislike about studying this subject: Its also not that much work in terms of homework its all just about memorising it.

Good as a 4th or 5th subject Its really really interesting. You learn a lot which you find is relevant to your own life which makes it just that much better. Its always a fun challenge to try and do better in Psychology. Some of the theories There is no other way of putting it but I suppose thats not a dislike of A level Psychology but of the research some psychologists have done. The course is genuinely interesting to me. You cover lots of different areas of psychology, much of this can be applied to real life.

It changes your perspectives and opens your mind. Quite a lot of time needs to be spent on revising these. I took this as my "doss" subject with chemistry biology and economics and this is now my hardest one. View your post below. We just need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can. Freshers homepage Freshers home page Chat forums University life forum Forums by university Forums by course Uni accommodation Fresher blogs.

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Jan 29,  · AS level psychology coursework help? My study is an observation to discover whether or not there are gender differences in who people will sit next to if given a choice - so for example will a male sit next to another male, Resolved.

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It also looks like clutter, every other thread being another coursework thread. In an attempt to clear this clutter and allow others to discuss non-coursework areas of psychology (degree level psychology, for example) it has been decided to create three threads for discussion on the pieces of coursework, one for each examining board. Social Psychology; Psychology Coursework Writing. Writing psychology coursework is a grade boosting task which is impossible to avoid for you in your GCSE studies. Before you begin writing your A level/A2/AS psychology coursework, you are supposed to answer to the following questions.

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Jun 19,  · I have to come up with an interesting idea for my A level psychology coursework and need suggestions. It must be about any of these topics * Effects of appearance on compliance * The influence of physical attractiveness * The role of attractiveness in relationships The more orginal the idea the better! Give me as many suggestions as you can think of, whether you think they're rubbish Status: Resolved. From the examination series, this syllabus will be replaced by Cambridge International AS and A Level Psychology ().