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What Does Solution Mean?

14 Answers

❶The solids, liquids and gases which are dissolved in solvent are called solutes.

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What Is a Solvent in Science?
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This definition does not necessarily mean that the two substances are in water, which is a common misconception. They may be solids, liquids, gases or even a combination of all three of them. For example, salt a solid can be dissolved in water a liquid to form a homogenous mixture, which is a solution.

However this does not mean that the water is the solution. The liquid that the solid dissolves in is called the solvent and the soluble substance the salt is called the solute.

This is the chemical explanation for the term solution. An example of a gaseous solution is air, which contains a combination of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and a tiny percentage of other gases.

An example of a solid solution is steel which is a solution of carbon atoms in a crystalline mixture of iron atoms. There are also several other definitions of the word solution.

It may also refer to the condition of a solid being dissolved but this is metaphorical. In mathematics, the term solution can mean the result of solving an equation or the root of a function. In military jargon, a solution refers to a course of action for example, a firing solution or navigational solution. In legal terms, solution is referring to law payment or the satisfaction of a claim or the act of separating or breaking up a dissolution.

Study of animals thought not to be real Meteorology: Study of the weather Its mostly latin based names I believe. What does the chemistry word solvent mean? A solvent is, generally, a liquid that can have something else dissolved in it. Water and Salt Mixing. What does mean value in science mean?

It is one of several different ways of determining the average of a set of values. It is determined by adding the sum of all of the values, then dividing by the number of values. What you mean by science? What does suspended mean in science? Suspended particles mean a tiny particles in the solvent that does not settle under gravity and spread through out the solvent. They take lot of time to settle. If we use centrifugal machine we can create external force in addition to Gravitational force to bring down suspended particles in water.

What does evaporation mean in science? Evaporation is the release of energy from water in the case of an inequality of energy between water body and surroundings. Thermodynamics dictate energy will seek an equilibrium. When a liquid has a significantly high enough energy difference from its surroundings, the energy leaves the water by pulling the warmer molecules from the surface.

If this happens in an enclosed space, the water vapour, after evaporating, cools and falls back to join the water. What does thoeory mean in a science term? A statement that is based on many observations. What does the science word result mean? The term "result" can have several meanings in science, but the most universal is probably "the observed outcome of an experiment" as distinguished from any explanation given to this observation. What does the word hypothesis mean in science?

Hypothesis means an educated guess about the outcome of an experiment. For example, if you were to perform an experiment about how fast water boils depending on different temperatures your hypothesis may be "the higher the temperature used, the faster the water will boil". What does the science term species mean? Species is a rank in taxonomy. It is best described as the lowest rank in the identification of a creature, example: Canus Lupus Grey Wolf canine is the taxonomic family, while canus is its genus and lupus would be its species.

What does constructive force mean in science? What does dependent mean in science? You may be asking about dependent variables, as in a lab activity. There are also independent variables. The independent variable is the thing that is controlled or kept monitored by the scientist.

The dependent variable is what occurs or changes as a result of the independent variable. What does the scientific word for solvent mean? A solvent is the substance that the solute is mixed into to form a solution. For instance, water would be the solvent of the ocean, because salt mixes with it to form salt water. If it helps, remember that the size of the words can be used to help you remember this. Solute goes in Sovent to form Solution. History of science meaning of science and philolosophy of science?

Science is the study of nature. Science is also about learning the human body. Science is the study of things. What does warning solvents mean? I think you are referring to warning agents. Smells added to things like natural gas for safety reasons; otherwise, you would not be aware of a leak. What are meanings of solvent and solute? What is the meaning of solute and solvent? Solute is the substance that dissolves and solvent is the liquid in which the solute dissolves in.

What does god is solvent mean?

What is a Solvent?

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Law assignment help online. An editorially independent blog from the publishers of Science Translational content is Derek’s own, and he does not what does solvent mean in science homework help in any way speak for his employer As a member, what does solvent mean in science homework help you'll also get unlimited access to over 70, lessons in math, English, science, what does.

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An editorially independent blog from the what does solvent mean in science homework help publishers of Science Translational content is Derek’s own, and he does not in any way speak for his employer As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 70, lessons in math, English, help writing a apa research paper science, history, and more. what does solvent mean in science. Solvents may be made of liquids, solids or gases. They typically form the bulk of the solution. A solution can only be comprised of a certain amount of materials before the solutes can no longer dissolve and begin to separate from the solvent. The solution becomes saturated when the maximum amount of solutes have been dissolved into the solvent.

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Chemistry for Kids. Solutions and Dissolving. The solute and solvent molecules cannot be distinguished by the naked eye; It does not scatter a beam of light; Science >> Chemistry for Kids. Homework Animals Math History Biography Money and Finance Biography Artists Civil Rights Leaders. A solvent is the substance that the solute is mixed into to form a solution. For instance, water would be the solvent of the ocean, because salt mixes with it to form salt wat er. If it helps, remember that the size of the words can be used to help you remember this. Solute goes in Sovent to form Solution.